The Isabella Slip Dress is still one of our more popular designs so yet another classic in a variety of continuously new fabrics. With a cap sleeve, slight tapering in at the waist and flares from the waist down, it is such an easy and forgiving dress. Adding a belt can dress this up while defining your waist even more or worn without for a looser look to hide the sins while still giving you some shape. This style has a scoop-neck front but higher neckline at the back, slightly scooped hemline and above the knee in length. Easily one of the comfiest dresses in any wardrobe!

Fabric: Viscose & 5% Spandex

Fitting: ***Note, due to the stretch nature of the fabric there is plenty of leeway in sizing (eg, if you are a size 14 you may fit both sizes. There is also a slight variation in length.

Size Length(L) Bust(B) Waist(W)

Sm-Lg: L89, B84, W90

L/XL: L93, B96, W104