So these are a just a bit cute! Our new Pinafore Dresses have been a crazy popular style this season for good reasons! They’re a loose fitting design made from beautiful lightweight Linen fabric, below the knee-length, front pockets and adjustable button straps. Worn with Tee and sneakers or layered long sleeve top over leggings and boots, they’re a versatile dress throughout the seasons and can be dressed up or down. Seriously, what’s not to love!

Size Length(L) Bust(B) Waist (W), Hips (H)

S/M – L 92cm, B 100cm, W 110cm, H 120cm

M/L – L 95cm, B 112cm, W 120cm, H 130cm

L/XL – L 100cm, B 118cm, W 124cm, H 138cm