These brand new beauties make a great staple in the wardrobe and there’s plenty of reasons to love this style! They’re a loose fitting design made from beautiful lightweight Rayon & Silk blend fabrics, below the knee-length, front pockets and adjustable button straps. Worn with Tee and sneakers or layered long sleeve top over leggings and boots, they’re easily the most versatile dress that can be worn throughout the seasons, dressed up or down. You’ll fall in love :)

Fabric: Rayon & Silk blend

Size Length(L) Bust(B) Waist (W), Hips (H)

S fits S-M – L 92cm, B 100cm, W 110cm, H 120cm

M fits M-L – L 95cm, B 112cm, W 120cm, H 130cm

L fits L-XL – L 100cm, B 118cm, W 124cm, H 138cm